Neutronics Pure N2 Parts Per Million (PPM) Oxygen Analyzer

The Neutronics Pure N2 Oxygen Analyzer offers a cost effective solution to rapid and precise oxygen measurement. Ideally suited for spot checking of solder re-flow ovens, nitrogen sources and high purity welding, an oxygen analyzer, like the Pure N2, is the only way to accurately measure low concentrations of oxygen in purged tubing and pipes in high-purity weldments. The unit features rapid warm-up time and high sensitivity to low PPM levels of oxygen in a variety of background gases including Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium. Two alarms with independent relays may be set and controlled by the operator.

The Pure N2 provides fast response, high reliability, step change in 5 seconds, and rapid recovery from air to ppm levels. The Zr02 Sensor provides a range of 1PPM-100%. The Pure N2 is easy to own and maintain with no electrolytes to replenish or fuel cells to replace.

Compact and lightweight, the Pure N2 operates in process environments ranging from atmospheric pressure to vacuum. The keypad command system and LCD display assure ease of use and control of analyzer operation, data acquisition, and processing.



Sensor: Rapid response solid state Zirconia cell

Measurement Range: 0.1PPM to 100% 02. Analyzer auto-ranges between PPM and %. Indicator light on display specifies whether reading is PPM or %.

Time: 95% of step change in 5 seconds at 1 liter/min. sample flow rate (within range).

Accuracy:1-100 ppm ±5% of reading, 101-999 ppm ±2% of reading, 115 VAC ±20% of reading


Ambient Temperature: 32º to 113ºF (0º-45ºC)
Relative Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)

Warm-Up Time: Approximately 20 min.

Recovery Time:

100PPM <20 sec.
10PPM <5 min.
1PPM <15 min.

High Purity Pump: 316 SS head w/ Teflon™ Diaphragm.

Vacuum Capability: 12”Hg gauge,Flow: 2 LPM under normal process.

Dimensions: 13.3” H x 9” W x 14.75” L (338mm x 229mm x 375mm)