DS 31 Smoke Detecctor
Keep your loved ones safe with the X-Sense DS31 Smoke Detector.

Despite modern advances in building materials and sprinkler systems, fires happen. The most important factor in whether or not a fire becomes a tragedy is how quickly people inside find out about it-and the sooner, the better, of course. The difference of a minute (or less) can mean the difference between life or death for you or the people you care about. Doesn't it make sense, then, to invest in high-quality smoke detectors?

The X-Sense DS31 is exactly the smoke detector that you're looking for.

Quick-Burn vs. Slow-Burn Fires

Quick-burning fires, like trash can or oil fires, put off large amounts of smoke quickly and are easy for smoke detectors to notice. However, slow-burning fires, such as a cigarette left in between couch cushions, are more difficult to catch before they become major disasters. Few fire alarms on the market today are optimized to catch these slow-burning fires, but the X-Sense DS31's photoelectric sensor is particularly good at picking up these fires in time.

Incredible Battery Life

The lithium-ion battery inside of the DS31 is guaranteed for an incredible 10 years. That means no more twice-annual trips into the attic or basement to find that hard-to-reach smoke detector. More importantly, it nearly eliminates the chance for your smoke detector to have run out of battery entirely-a dangerous situation to be in, if you don't catch it in time.
Operating voltage: 3V lithium battery
Static current: 8uA(10 year life time) Alarm current: 35mA Alarm output: Sound & Flash alarm Sound level: 85dB/3m Installation: Ceiling mounted
Sensitivity: 1.8%ft±0.8%ft
Working environment: -10℃~+50℃,(≤95%RH No congelation)
Dimension: Φ95*41mm